One Day Trip to Paju (파주시)

Recently I traveled to Paju, a city located in Gyeonggi Province to visit English Village, Heyri Art Valley and Provence Village. It tooks me 2 hours from Seoul to reach my first destination Gyeonggi English Village.

Gyeonggi English Village, Paju Camp (경기영어마을 파주캠프)
After purchasing ticket for 3000 won, me and my friends received passports and had to pass through the immigration.
It was kinda quite, saw few visitors and students on school trip.
This place is not really huge, so we finished touring around after 30-40 minutes.

Direction from Seoul to English Village:
Take subway to Geumchon station (금촌역), Gyeongui-Jungang Line (경의.중앙선). Exit 1
Take bus no 900 from the bus stop located at the opposite of exit 1.
Stop at English Village (경기영어마을 파주캠프) after 42 minutes.

Heyri Art Valley (혜이리예술마을)
Next we moved to Heyri Art Valley and had our lunch there. We decided to try Banhmi Ssaico – Vietnamese Noodle House. We like the fried rices, but we don’t really enjoy the beef noodle soup. Overall the food was good, however it’s a bit pricey. 12,500 won for 1 fried rice and 9,500 won for medium size noodle soup.

After lunch, we tried to find some nice spot for pictures but there is not much places to visit or view. They have a lot of unique buildings but we felt we saw it enough in the English Village. So we decided to just go to a cafe and have some coffee to keep warm.

Direction from English Village to Heyri:
Heyri Art Valley only located on the opposite side of English Village.
From English Village Gate 1, go to your right and cross the road.
Walk straight until you see Gate 9 sign and turn to your left.
Walk straight follow the path until you find Heyri Art Valley.

Provence Village (프로방스)
I felt Provence Village was more alive compare to the previous villages. They have more open shops and cafes with unique design. There was Illumination Festival with 6000 won for ticket, but we decided not to see it since it’s still bright. The Illumination Festival was a shooting place for Korean Drama She Who Can See Smell.

Directions to Provence Village from Heyri Art Valley:
Provence Village is located 1 bus stop away from Heyri Art Valley, so we decided to just go by foot.
Go towards Gate 1, cross the road and turn to your left.
Walk straight and turn to your right after Cafe Terrace.
You will see a hill and walk up until you find Provence Village..

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