New Favorite : Video Cartoon 써리의 영상툰 (Sseoliui Yeongsangtun)

Maybe most of you already familiar with webtoon (web comics) from Korea. Alot of movies in South Korea are created from webtoon.

I just found out 써리툰 (Sseolitun) recently and really enjoy all of their videos. The content ideas are sent by the viewers, so it has a lot of fun stories.

One of my favorite is Ep 84. 헤어진 남자친구가 주먹든썰. The story is about a girl who broke up with her boyfriend.  The girl think they cannot continue their relationship anymore, so she asked to break up. With a heavy heart her bf just let her go, but still follow her until the parking area. She had a hard time to reverse her car. With the remaining love, her bf tried to help her by giving her the command from the back while crying! 😀 Check the video below to see how sad and funny it is.

Check out 써리툰 (Sseolitun) Facebook for more videos!!

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