Must Have Apps in South Korea

If you are living in Korea or you are planning to travel to Korea and you have your smartphone with you, apps I mentioned below will help you improve your stay in Korea.

Everyone in Korea use this messaging service to communicate in daily life. When you meet someone new, first they will ask your phone number or your Katalk id. It is really helpful because you can contact people for free as long as you have internet connection.
Download Kakaotalk for iOS
Download Kakaotalk for Android

This app will help you to shorten your travel time. It will show you to transfer from one subway station to another station. It offers alot of awesome features, for example: updated schedule for the last train.
Download Subway for iOS
Download Subway for Android

Seoul Bus
The city bus is kinda challenging due to lack of English. But with this app, it will make your life easier. It shows the route of the bus, then next bus arriving time, etc.
Download Subway for iOS
Download Seoul Bus for Android

Naver Map
Actually it is only available in Korean. However, I still love it. Because when I am lost, instead of asking the direction I will ask Korean people to punch the address to this app. It will navigate me until I reach my destination. Because why? I am really bad with direction and I couldn’t read map ㅋㅋㅋ.
Download Naver Map for iOS
Download Naver Map for Android

There is always one lazy day for me. When that happen I just like to stay in my room, and order food from this app. It is quite easy to use for Korean beginner.
Download Yogiyo for iOS
Download Yogiyo for Android

Google Translate
Don’t understand the words? Just capture it, highlight it and done! Happy travelling!! 😀
Download Google Translate for iOS
Download Google Translate for Android

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